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When dealing with tooth decay, you may think a full crown is the only solution to the problem. Maybe you haven’t considered an onlay in place of the more extensive work required for a crown. Dental onlays are similar to typical fillings but mainly focus on the chewing cusps, saving much of the tooth that may have to be removed to fit a crown. They can be made from several different materials including porcelain, gold or composite. Having an option that matches your existing tooth color can do wonders for confidence in your smile.

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Onlays are considered for multiple purposes. Having a method to touch up decay or other damage to a tooth without removing more than necessary is a great way to refresh a smile without more invasive procedures. Any of these common dental discomforts are solvable with an onlay.

  • Existing fillings that are fractured
  • Larger fillings that involved the chewing cusp portions of a tooth
  • Damaged or decaying teeth
  • Cosmetic treatments

During the first visit, the affected tooth will be cleaned, and all decay will be removed to prepare it for a mold. Afterward, you’ll receive a temporary filling, so your tooth is well protected as you wait for the permanent onlay to be produced. Once it is ready, you’ll return for your second appointment when the onlay will be bonded to your tooth. Adjustments can be made as needed, and your new tooth surface will last beautifully for years to come with the proper dental hygiene habits and regular check-ups with dental professionals.

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At the office of Rita Tempel, DDS, our team believes in delivering the best possible care for each specific patient in a comfortable and compassionate environment that leaves them feeling refreshed in every way. Contact us today to discuss any potential onlay work you’re considering, and we’ll make sure you get the highest quality treatment and excellent results that will leave you smiling.

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