Updated Protocols – Patients are required to wear masks in the office. – Please call or text when you’re outside. – Bring a smile to the office.



Dentistry has always been on the forefront of infection control and safety measures for our patients. As a community, a nation, and a world we have collectively been weathering the COVID-19 Pandemic together.  Because each community and even each person has been affected differently by COVID-19, we wanted to do our best to keep you updated about what we are doing.

Our approach has been three fold:  Safety, Safety, and Safety.

As part of our ongoing process to always go ABOVE and BEYOND…

In preparation to re-open our office to non-emergency dental procedures, our team completed very intensive training sessions prior to re-opening.  The training mainly focused on integration and proper use of new COVID-19 safety protocols.  We are committed to being PROACTIVE when it comes to our patients’ PROTECTION.

We completed practice runs of all new protocols prior to re-opening in order to ensure everything would work smoothly and safely for all of our wonderful patients.  In our opinion, this is a very important step when integrating new procedures in order to make certain what works on paper will work smoothly in a clinical setting.

You will find many new SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and COVID-19 Safety Protocols.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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